About EPYD

The Eastern Panhandle Young Democrats are a group of young professionals from Jefferson, Berkeley and Morgan counties who are committed to Democratic principles and believe government should work for everyone—not just the powerful and privileged.

We’re working to ensure that young people have a voice in government, and play an active role in creating the type of community and state that attracts business, jobs and opportunity.

The objectives of Eastern Panhandle Young Democrats are:

  1. To cultivate Young Democrats in Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties, who do not have access to a local chapter; to help local chapters with recruitment; and to develop more local chapters throughout the counties;
  2. To support and elect Democratic candidates for public office;
  3. To support and defend:  civil rights, energy development & the environment, equal access to affordable health care, higher education affordability, immigration reform, and public education;
  4. To widen and increase the interest, knowledge, and participation of young people in advocacy skills, logical reasoning, scientific research, the political process, and civic involvement;
  5. To train and develop young people for positions of leadership;
  6. To increase awareness and activism on issues of importance to young people;
  7. To increase the role of under-represented people in the Democratic Party, government, and society; and
  8. To offer opportunities for young people to network and socialize.